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Technical Analysis" video series. This series is designed to provide you with a complete introductory-level education in the field of Technical Analysis.

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Forex Scalping Strategies

Forex Scalping Strategies :

Real-Time Fast and Furious Forex Trading with Greg McLeod
Watch how Greg McLeod, A.K.A the 'Pip Star' takes on the $4 trillion Foreign Exchange Market with his unique High Frequency Trading style in the Pip & Run Trading Room. Greg teaches you how he Day Trades and pulls money out of the market in 60 minutes or less.
Greg has traded live in front of a live audience of over 200 people at a Forex trading Expo in Vegas. He grabbed 22 pips in 15 minutes with the first trade closed for profit in 1 minute.

Learn To Trade Non Farm Payroll

Trading NEWS carries a risk that you have to accept if you like that type of trading .. the next quick video is discussing an example for trading the Non Farm Payroll and explaining the meaning of candlesticks and price action .. I hope you find it useful ..

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How to Trade Economic News 

The Best Way To Trade the News

Pros and Cons of Different Financial Markets

If you still at the very beginning of your trading journey it is very useful to have an idea about each financial market and what are it's pros and cons and compare it to your style and psychological profile and also your risk tolerance..

Th next short video is giving you an idea about each financial market including Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Futures .. i hope you find it helpful .

How To Calculate Risk in Forex Trading

Calculating Risk in trading has a great impact and importance in your trading , the next video is giving you a simple way to calculate your risk trading the Forex Market .. 

Note that having a fixed risk in trading is not necessary be suitable for all traders but open your mind and listen for many ideas in order to be able to choose your best Risk Management method that suits you and your trading .. 

Moving Average cross over

Moving Average cross over is a trading technique that you will find most forums and trading communities saying that it is the most simple and profitable strategy !

My intention here from posting that video is NOT to say that this is even called a system or strategy because trust me it is NOT but, i am posting just to make you understand the concept of Moving Average cross over and how traders think about it and i personally completely refuse that types of techniques and you must know that Market Makers certainly know that craps and work against it many times ..

When a Trader Sings .. !!

Man it is horribly bad  !! ^ - ^  ☺

Characteristics of Successful Traders

Successful traders certainly have some common characteristics regarding their personality and their way in dealing with the market and i mean here the psychological part .. being aware of that will help you to develop those common pros early in your trading journey hence you can reach your financial goals .. 

In the next 4 video series Norman will present some of those habits or behaviors that successful traders have hoping that you can benefit from that and to avoid unnecessary trading mistakes ..

Investing Rules

It is always about your Trading Rules when it comes to success and trading with consistent profits .. you will be  amazed how many traders start their usually loosing trading journey without any kind of plans or thinking about their financial goals .. 

The next video is presenting some basic important investing and trading rules and you must have a clear answer for each question asked in that presentation ..

Trendline Breakout and being Reactive Vs. Predictive

Trend lines can be used in many different ways in trading , some will prefer the bounce of a trend line others will tend to trade Breakouts either a breakout of a channel or a trend line .. etc . 

The following video is very useful starting with clarifying the difference between being a Reactive or Predictive trader then talking about trend line breakout and what is actually you are doing when you decide to play those kind of trades , after that you will learn a trading technique to confirm a breakout of a trend line referring to the term " Sustained Breakout " with chart example to make sure you got the idea ..


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