As  a trader in a 24 hours market like the Forex Market you can easily spend 5 or 6 hours in front of the screen without even noticing that .. !! so it becomes crucial to manage your time effectively to be more successful trader .. 

In my humble opinion i found that most beginners are actually wasting extreme amount of time just looking at the screen without even studying certain pattern or price action for example .. and at the end of the day they become tired and can easily respond to any price signal and enter a loosing trade .. why ?

Because they are scratching their heads all day long looking at the chart without any kind of time management .. i am not saying that studying the market for hours / day is something bad no of course not but what i am saying or referring to is a trader without purpose looking at the chart sitting in front of his screen or may be several screens wasting his time with no value after that .. !! 

This webinar will show you some principles to effectively use your time and end each day with maximum benefits either you are a trader or any other job .. hope you find it helpful .. ☺