Hello Traders ..                                                      

Stop loss Hunting is a fact that shows it self almost every day and many traders especially beginners either don't know about it or even don't believe it so, i decided to start writing my first article in Trading Lectures Blog to discuss Trading Traps from the chart it self .. 

If we all agree that both buyers and sellers are trading to make money then it would be obvious that some will lose and others will win , about me and you with our little money i guess ☺.. we can't of course move the market but big institutions and Fund Managers .. etc .. all those can really move the market .

Luckily those guys can't hide on the chart because

of their massive volume in terms of cash and Liquidity ( like a big dinosaur trying to hide in a small forest ..  !! ☺) so, if a Major Resistance for instance is obvious for most of traders .. in your opinion who can or even think about buying at this level ?? .. yes they are the Market Makers  with NO DOUBT ..

Question here .. how many times did you see the price is moving up or higher through a major resistance then started to move down and continued lower ? . countless times as i think so, market makers are trying just to get those sellers out of the market then sell at a higher price which is definitely  better for them and if you think about it sometimes they have no choice and they must do that ..

Let's go to the chart and take  
the first example for stop loss hunting on the USD / CHF .. the shaded area was expected to be a support area when the price returned to it and it  did but as you  notice there was a Candle Wick representing more than 70 pips and after that the price continued higher .. the chart will illustrate more ..

Note : You can click on any image for better appearance

 Another example :               

EUR / USD pair and in this case it is even more powerful stop loss hunting as we actually closed above the last high with about 120 pips then a complete reverse to the down side forming first a Double Top Reversal Pattern then continued down for more than 1150 pips !! .. look at the chart ..

So, Stop Loss Hunting is a fact that you must be aware of and i tried to give you an idea about this kind of trading traps to make a better trading decisions .. 

And as always i hope you all the best .. ☺