Too Much Too Soon  "..  it is the most expressive sentence describing many beginning traders, dear friend .. I know that we all came here in that business to make money and i know that you are really excited about how much you can make trading the Forex Market .. 

After watching dozens of dishonest ads and how you can make your million dollar in a matter of few months and sometimes few weeks !! .. i give you an excuse to be overexcited but, as you know every thing in our life has rules and if you ignore that i don't think you will reach your goals and make your dream a reality ..

When you make extreme amount of profits on your Demo Account you think that trading is something so easy and you may wonder why all those traders lose ?! .. and once you open your first live trading account you feel that the chart is talking to you saying .. " Welcome to the real world !! " .. i bet you felt that ☺

Dear trader, You have the right to dream about making any kind of money you wish but you must also know that being a consistent profitable trader is something that needs Time, Effort and Well Education otherwise you will be wasting your time in that business and with all respect i don't care how much you have made on a demo account or how much you made on this day or that month simply because trading is a business for your whole life not fun of a day or a month then a Margin Call !! 

May be you started the wrong way or tricked by those silly ads but it's OK , just start to write your Trading Plan, your Money Management  Rules and your Financial Goals .. be aware of them and always take the necessary steps to be closer to your targets and trust me you will if you treat it as a Business not as Gambling 

Finally i wish you all the best in your trading and in your life ☺